Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's On

The moment of truth seems to have arrived in Iran. I don't know what will happen, but as always, Yeats is on the case:

To know they dreamed and are dead;
And what if excess of love
Bewildered them till they died?
I write it out in a verse -MacDonagh and MacBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born.

The surnames are different today and I hope the result is different. But the sentiment still seems right to me.


Anonymous said...

I like the change, and am praying for a much bigger change in Iran. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, I can't imagine that Iran isn't going to be irrevocably changed. You can only keep down a population where 70% of the people are under the age of 30 for so long. There is something very large going on here, and as you have noted, it is on. What started as a protest against election irregularities has morphed into an attack on the regime with the potential for revolutionary change. If the army or the Rev. Guards changes sides, it is all but over. If successful, this is a game changer in the Middle East. The Tweets say that Hamas operatives and Hezbollah foot soldiers are the enforcers in the streets of Tehran. If that is true, the mullah's days are numbered. If Ahmedinejad ends up as the president, he will have little or no legitimacy.

Lorca answers Yeats:
Verde que te quiero verde - Lorca


Mark Heuring said...

I agree, Rich. I think it is a game changer. And that is why Hamas and Hezbollah are involved -- if they lose their patron, it could get very ugly for both.

Muy bien on the Lorca, by the way.