Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memo to Sack (Updated)

UPDATE: I actually did send the following note to Steve Sack, who was good enough to respond via e-mail. Since the exchange was private, I'll not share the details, except to say this: while I stand by by my take on the matter, he was very gracious in explaining his point of view. And unlike some people in the opinion-mongering business, he does put his name on his work each day and stands by it. That's a good thing. -- Mark Heuring, a/k/a Mr. D

February 24, 2010

Memo to: Steve Sack, Star Tribune Cartoonist

From: Mr. D

Re: Today's Cartoon

Mr. Sack,

Just so you know, the dog didn't eat the Republican homework. They've had a healthcare proposal online for months at this site. It's been widely discussed, pro and con, since at least November, 2009. Sorry that you apparently missed all that.


Mr. D