Thursday, July 08, 2010

Benster and D Discuss Your LeBron Modell HYYYYYPPE!!!!

Hi everyone, Benster is in the house. And Miami fans are feeling the HYYYYYYYPPPPPEEEE!

And Cleveland fans are feeling the shaft.

So, Decrepit, I've already seen fans in Cleveland burning their LeBron James jerseys in the streets. I wouldn't be surprised if they start burning effigies next. They are certainly feeling burned, right old fella?

I swore I didn't care about all this, Seabiscuit. The ridiculous spectacle, the dog and pony shows, the 24/7 coverage on all 9,467 ESPN media outlets. By the way, I'd better check and make sure they haven't acquired us yet. But I digress.

Well, you can call what you're doing a digression, but I think it's more likely yet another Senior Moment. But I digress.

Feel the love. Well, anyway, I suggested titling this post "LeBron Modell," in honor of the last major sports figure to break the hearts of Clevelanders, Art Modell. This stuff happened around the time you were born, youngblood.

But I know the story and unlike Robert Irsay, Modell didn't sneak out of town in a Mayflower moving van.

That's right. He slinked out of town like a slug leaving a trail of slime. I really feel sorry for the people of Cleveland. They are uncommonly loyal fans but they haven't won a championship since 1964.

I knew this was going to happen, because LeBron wants the bling and Cleveland was not the best choice for winning championships. I hate to burst your bubble, Cleveland, but that's the way it is.

Well, you have to wonder about that. I never thought I'd see the Red Sox or the White Sox win championships. Now that James is leaving northern Ohio, the teams in Cleveland all pretty much stink, but there has to be hope for them.

I would not be surprised if Miami actually wins it all next year, because they did win after they acquired Shaquille O'Neal a few years back, and Boston won the first year they had the Big Three. Things turn around quickly in the NBA and I am predicting that Cleveland will miss the playoffs.

Cleveland might have the worst record in basketball next season. Then they can get a lucky ping pong ball and start this process all over again.

True. You win the lottery and get a college freshman. Unless you're the Timberwolves. Then you get some old guy who's played nine years for Syracuse and a bunch of dudes from Croatia or something. Maybe the Cavs could get Chuck Norris? They may not score, but there opponents will be dropping like flies when Chuck delivers a devastating roundhouse kick. And then maybe he can throw in a Zidane head butt, too.

Good plan. And I will say that Souljah Boy had that roundhouse kick coming.

Agreed. Anyway, back to the HYYYPPPPEEEE! I can't wait to see what the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer looks like tomorrow.

I suspect it will be a little somber, young fella.

Probably right, old dude. Ben out!

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Anonymous said...

I guess that it would have been too much to expect that a 25 year old would have any class.

The NBA has a new team of villains and they are the Miami Heat. It will be so easy to hate them and the newest version of the ego that roared named Lebron.

I wouldn't necessarily annoint them as champions yet. They have to surround their studs with 9 essentially minimum league players. It easy to say that players will take a cut a pay for a chance at a championship, but how would you feel if you were being paid under value while the big three were getting rich? Are there enough shots, points, and minutes to keep Bosh, Wade, and James happy. Are 2 of them willing to step back, while one steps forward. We will see, and the rest of the league will be there to boo them on.

Poor Cleveland.

Now the remaining unsigned free are very likely to get overpaid by teams that had freed money but missed out on the big prize.

You've got to love the NBA. The league is arguably fixed, and 3 players in their 20's run the show.