Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan

Is Mitt Romney's running mate. Guess I'd better opine:
  • He was probably my second choice; on balance I'd have preferred Bobby Jindal, who brings executive experience. Ryan brings something else, which is intellectual candlepower. He's one of the smartest dudes in Washington.
  • Obama and his campaign will now go on full bore Mediscare and heartless bastard mode, but they were going to do so anyway. Better to have the architect of the House Budget plan explain it himself.
  • Joe Biden will have a very different experience in the vice presidential debate this time.


Gino said...

joe was tied in knots in his last debate against sarah. he's likely to get carved, skewered and roasted with paul ryan.

Bike Bubba said...

Joe is tied in knots with a a debate with a five year old. Unfortunately, most people don't seem to care as long as the politician spouts off their favored talking points.

Hoping nonetheless that Gino's prediction comes true, and the vapidity of the Obama administration becomes perfectly obvious to all, as it should.