Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lightning Round - 061813

The insatiable maw of the internet demands more content that few people will ever read, so here goes:

  • You could read this Politico article if you'd like, but if you value your time and would prefer not to, I'll boil it down the essence: get off my side.
  • Brian offers an excerpt of the deep thoughts of Edward Snowden, who has built up an impressive list of enemies for a man who is not yet 30 years old.
  • The Vikings are apparently becoming an outplacement service for former Packers. There's a reason, actually multiple reasons, why these guys are available.
  • We've discussed the Solyndra debacle a few times over the years, but while the particulars of that boondoggle rankle, I've never begrudged companies that pursue the solar energy market. Having said that, here's a cautionary tale.
  • The impending bankruptcy in Detroit is getting contentious. Watch carefully, because this could the future in a lot of other places soon.
  • Ron Fournier, writing for the National Journal, takes a temperature check.

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