Saturday, July 30, 2016

Home truth

The invaluable John Hayward (emphasis in original):
It certainly is unconventional for a presidential candidate to say he wouldn’t mind seeing hacked emails released, but then again, it’s unconventional for the other candidate to be declared effectively above the law, with all of the oversight mechanisms surrounding her Secretary of State tenure deliberately disabled, without any legal consequence whatsoever.

In an earlier, better age, Clinton’s email scandal would have consumed the entire Obama Administration long ago – the minute that secret server was discovered, the clock on Obama’s resignation would have begun ticking down. But now we live in a time when American investigators can’t get access to data that is the property of the American people, because a politician stole it from us, hid it on a computer system she wasn’t supposed to be using, and destroyed everything she didn’t want us to see.
I am #NeverTrump because he should not be president. Hillary Clinton must not be president. We are well and truly screwed.

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