Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't look back

This is not the look of a man feeling particularly serene:

Spotcheck Billy got down on his hands and knees

Can't be too comfortable when your accusers are in the audience:

But you got me in a squeeze play on the cheesy side of town

If I were Donald Trump, and I thank my lucky stars every day I am not, I would put these women on camera at every opportunity. I don't know if it will Trump's chances to win the election, but at this point the Clintons need to have their feral noses rubbed in the dirt and wreckage they have left in their wake. Trump is a horrible, often thoughtless person. The Clintons are horrible by design.

As for the debate itself, on balance I think Trump won. As usual, he was bordering on the demented in some of his statements, but he did get to a larger truth about his opponent yesterday. In particular, his threat of bringing in a special prosecutor was smart. There's a sense out there that Hillary is getting special treatment. By now I think most people understand who the Clintons are, but they'd rather not think about it much. There's exquisite irony in Trump forcing voters to consider their consciences before casting a ballot for  Hillary Clinton, but it's the right thing to do.

A few other brief observations:

  • Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were dismal, especially in the stretch where Raddatz decided she needed to debate Trump on military options. Viewers take notice of things like this and it feeds into Trump's narrative.
  • As for Hillary Clinton's performance, give her credit for not taking the bait a few times. She is disciplined when the situation requires it. Still, we got glimpses of her Nurse Ratched persona a few times and, if she gets a less solicitous debate moderator in the final debate, she might let the mask slip.
  • Did Trump save his campaign last night? Probably not, but he certainly made life more uncomfortable for the long line of politicians on the Republican side who disavowed him over the weekend. If you're Paul Ryan or Kelly Ayotte, what do you do now?

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Bike Bubba said...

It just boggles the mind that people are disavowing him now. Exactly what have we learned about him in the past few days? It's not as if anyone whose shadow has fallen on a newspaper on any routine basis is unaware that Trump has behaved poorly in the past. Are we such a pathetic nation that ownership statements of strip clubs, and documented divorces due to adultery, are inadequate measures of a man's character until you've got video evidence? Seriously?

Trump is a creep, just like the man his opponent has been enabling for 40 years and counting. The bright side about Trump is that most of the Senate won't hesitate to throw him out on his tuckus if he misbehaves in office. No such luck for Hilliary.