Tuesday, April 18, 2006

High Sierra

Ruben Sierra should make his Twins debut sometime this week, following his activation from the disabled list. Sierra first came on the scene way back in 1987, looking like a switch-hitting Roberto Clemente. While he never quite reached the levels of greatness that some predicted, he’s been a steady, productive major leaguer for nearly two decades. Although he is 40, he can still swing the bat. Twins fans well remember the blow he struck against Juan Rincon during his stint with the New York Yankees.

If I were Rondell White, I’d be looking over my shoulder. Although it’s early, White has been a massive disappointment thus far, hitting around .100 and showing no power at all. Sierra may be getting some DH at-bats, and soon.


Bob Goeman's Society said...

Red Haired people are the last refuge of hater bashing. Where else do people get away with stereo-typing red-hairs as uncivil, unemployable, society hating misfits? Just watch "That 70's Show" or the movie "Chuckie". What other physically deformed faction gets treated with such disrespect? Why don't Bill Walton, Lucille Ball Jr., Donny Most, and Carrot Top unite?

Mark said...

Glad to see the Bob Goeman Society is alive and well. When Bill Walton, Lucille Ball Jr., Donny Most and Carrot Top unite, make sure that Tom Luke gets copied on the press release, by the way.