Monday, July 03, 2006

Elian Gonzalez returns to television

I noted that CBS decided to put Elian Gonzalez back on television last night. When last we saw him, he was being sent back to Cuba by the Clinton administration after being taken at gunpoint from his Miami relatives in a midnight federal raid. Now 11, young Elian is the very model of a Cuban boy, denouncing the people who sheltered him and claiming that he was never happy living in that little house in Miami. The smiling, happy young boy, not much older than my own child, seemed altogether too serious, especially as he denounced his mother, who drowned while trying to escape.

I always thought that, of all the crappy things that Bill Clinton did, one of the crappiest was sending this boy back to Cuba. It was always obvious that the various family members that Castro had dispatched to the U.S. to reclaim young Elian were greatly fearful and were under a whole lot of coercion. Watching the rote answers that this young man gave last night hardly made me change my mind. Some day, when Castro finally keels over, there will be a lot of reckoning.

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stinger said...

But...but...they have free health care!!!! And education!!! Elian is much better off there under the nurturing regime of Fidel. Elian will never have to worry about student loans and hospital bills. And, best of all, he will never have to live under the totalitarian regime that is the Bushitler administration.

Che is smiling down on them as we speak.