Monday, October 09, 2006

The problem that didn't go away

So it looks like Kim Jong Il has crashed the nuclear party. He presides over a squalid totalitarian state that has nothing, except for nuclear weapons. Its citizens are starving and only those who take up arms for the regime can expect food. This is not good.

Suppose we could play the blame game. That damned W dropped the ball! No, it was Clinton, who dropped his pants! No, it was the feckless U.N., with their resolutions that Kim treated as toilet paper! It was all of the above! It was none of the above! It was Mark Foley!

Upshot (and I use that term advisedly) - it doesn't matter. What does matter is that a crazy man apparently has nuclear weapons. Sting once famously worried if "the Russians love their children, too." Not surprisingly, the Russians did and still do. I'm not so sure about Kim Jong Il. And our options are pretty limited - it's not as if we can send Jack Bauer or James Bond or even James Baker over there. This has been a long time coming and everyone involved has been pretty feckless. And now the largest blackmail campaign ever begins.


Anonymous said...

As much as one tries to deny it, nuclear proliferation is a reality. Our alleged ally Pakistan has much to do with why North Korea now has a nuclear capability. Iran will be next, and others will follow. It's highly likely that a nuclear bomb at some level WILL fall in the hands of terrorists. It's actually a miracle that it has taken this long for a true rogue nation to develop the capability. It's been more than 50 years since Hiroshima.

Mark said...

60 since Hiroshima, but who's counting. And wouldn't we rather talk about Mark Foley anyway? Maybe if Kim blows up Nancy Pelosi's congressional district, we'll start to take it a wee bit more seriously....