Friday, July 06, 2007

Grab a seat

Or duck and cover:

  • The Star Tribune is speculating that, based on the most recent census data, Minnesota might be in danger of losing a congressional seat in 2012. Population gains in the southern states mean that one of Minnesota’s seats may end up going to North Carolina or Georgia, to name just two possibilities. Given the current alignment of congresscritters representing and misrepresenting our state, it would be very interesting to see how it would play out. At this time the two main cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, both have essentially their own representatives. As it stands, these two representatives (Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison) are both shrill, emotional, moronic liberals. Needless to say, they represent their constituencies well, although as a sentient Ramsey County suburbanite I am deeply disenchanted with having McCollum representing me, since she acts in ways that are contrary to my interest on a daily basis. But would it be in the best interest of the state to morph their respective districts into one district? It might be. Anyone who has spent more than a weekend here knows well that Minneapolis and St. Paul are very different places, even though they both elect annoying leftist politicians. I’ve always lived on the St. Paul side of the river, although I’ve usually worked on the Minneapolis side. I don’t know if my neighborhood would be better served if it were part of, say, the 6th CD (now represented by Michele Bachmann); I do suspect my interests are more closely aligned with folks in places like Stillwater and Elk River than with the average IBEW steward in St. Paul or the vegan St. Joan of Arc parishioner in South Minneapolis with the PETA bumper sticker on her Prius. Something to watch; that’s for sure.
  • The great Satchel Paige famously warned “Don’t look back; someone might be gaining on you.” In this case, that someone appears to be the Cubs. The Brewers have been struggling through another desultory road trip while the Cubs have been red-hot and have now pulled to within 4 ½ games as we approach the All-Star break. I still like the Brewers’ chances, especially since they have been pretty much lights out at home, but it appears there’s going to be a pennant race after all. I am hoping that Bill Hall gets well soon, though.
  • Now that we are into July, we are less than a month away from football. Lots to think about there; some of the national preview magazines have my beloved Badgers ranked very high; I’ve seen as high as #3. Meanwhile, the Packers continue to float around under the radar. I don’t have a good feel for how this season is going to go at all; the NFL in particular looks pretty dodgy. But I would say this; if the Badgers dispatch their one legitimate non-conference opponent (Washington State) easily, look out.


Mark said...

Ben says:

So,Mr.D, are you a square. In a qoute from me, The Brewers are squares and may I have 20 bucks.

Mark said...

Well Ben, as for the 20 bucks, I guess not. But thanks for asking! Go Brewers!