Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Reader's Digest Version

Only have a minute or two to post, so here you go!

Xavier 31, Berlin 7 - the Hawks win their homecoming game against hated Berlin, which still uses the politically incorrect nickname of Indians. I didn't think that was legal in Wisconsin.

Beloit 2, Knox 2 - the only team in the league that Beloit might beat. But I don't think they will

Wisconsin 21, Iowa 3 - The Hawkeyes have trouble scoring. That's been a long-standing problem in Iowa (rim shot).

Green Bay Packers 24, San Diego Chargers 21 - If you're going to be a hopeless zealot, you have to be a hopeless zealot. And the Packers are playing pretty well so far.

Bonus local picks:

Mounds View Mustangs 24, Roseville Raiders 17 - I picked against Mounds View last week. Won't make that mistake again.

Irondale Knights 31, Robbinsdale Cooper Hawks 14 - The Knights are much improved. Cooper is, well, Cooper.


Anonymous said...

Hey Xavier grads ... check out for a trip down memory lane.

Remember, during Mr. Dilettante's 4 years at XHS, we lost THREE Fox Valley Christian Conference games. Three. Boy, were those good times.

Mark said...

Cool site - thanks for the tip!

Mid weekend update - the high school scores are up and the news is good!

Xavier 37, Berlin 6
Mounds View 35, Roseville 3
Irondale 27, Cooper 0

Good stuff all!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget ...

St. Mary Central 24, Stockbridge 0