Monday, September 24, 2007

A little gushing about my Packers

When I first looked at the schedule, I was worried that my beloved Green Bay Packers would start out 0-3 and would be limping into the Metrodome. Guess not, huh? The Packers won their third game in a row to start this campaign with a convincing 31-24 victory over AFC power San Diego yesterday at Lambeau. This is good stuff for a number of reasons:

  • It looks like the Packers, even though they are playing well, have room to improve. They still haven't figured out how to run the ball effectively, but they are finding ways to score. Brett Favre is playing under better control now than he has perhaps in his entire career. He had a fantastic game yesterday, getting a number of receivers involved.
  • After the renovation of Lambeau was completed in 2002, the Packers have not defended their home turf very well. Teams were not especially worried about playing in Green Bay, especially AFC teams. The Patriots and the Jets came into Lambeau last year and absolutely wiped the turf with the Packers. Things appear to have changed.
  • There's no reason to believe the Bears are better than the Packers right now. While the Bears still have a tremendous defense, they are an absolute mess on the other side of the ball. Rex Grossman ought to be made an honorary Packer, given the way he's been sabotaging the efforts of the ursine wretches of McFetridge Drive.
  • The Lions may be improved, but the Iggles just hung 56 on them. The Lions haven't played adequate defense since Alex Karras left. Where have you gone, Lem Barney, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
  • As for our local fellas - I don't know about you, but I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the Packers never had a chance to interview Brad Childress. The Vikes are vanilla and not that talented - a bad combination. It used to be that the Vikings could plug in just about anyone at the quarterback position and they would still win. Not any more. I don't think the Packer defense is especially worried about Kelly Holcomb, Tarvaris Jackson or Brooks Bollinger.
  • Since my boys are coming to town this weekend, the jawing will begin. Although the way the Vikes are playing right now, the typical stance of most Vikings fans will be something like "oh, I don't really like the Vikings that much anyway." Some will looking to see if they still have any greenish, mid-90s gear around. A lot of that sort of thing sold up here back then.


Anonymous said...

Packers ... smackers.

THE ... House ... Of ... Horrors ... Awaits ... Mr. Favre ... And ... Co.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the record for all time touchdowns is what awaits Mr. Farve in the Metrodome. The Vikings can only HOPE that the record for interceptions awaits him as well. In a way, it would almost be appropriate if Farve achieved both distinctions in the Hefty Dome. What's most important, is that Farve could care less about the record, as long as his team wins...I look for Cheeseheads to bid huge prices to be there this weekend. Packer fans will be represented behind the iron curtain like never before. The Vikings will try to offset the representation with Manufactured noise as always, but you can't stop destiny....

Mark said...

Hey first anonymous,

Here's the funny part - Favre has had a better record in the Metrodome than he has at Lambeau in recent years. The building has never been the problem; the fact that the Vikings usually fielded fine teams was the problem. I'm guessing the Queens will struggle again this week; aside from the glorious Spergeon Wynn Era, the QB situation up here has never been more shaky.