Friday, September 07, 2007

What can you say in five minutes?

Let's find out.

  • Badgers play UNLV? Should win. Packers play Eagles? Think the Pack will win, for a change.
  • Luciano Pavarotti died yesterday. The great Italian tenor was an opera superstar and was up for any number of things, including performing with James Brown and Barry White, among others. The clips are all over YouTube if you don't believe it. I may be the only person who remembers this, but when I think of Pavarotti my first thought is an offhand comment from "Ned the Dead," a host of a local late night horror movie show that used to be on television back in Green Bay. At one point, he interrupts the movie to analyze the plot. A monster is terrorizing a town. Ned says: "How will we stop this monster? I have an idea. Let's lure him out into a field, then get a plane and drop Luciano Pavarotti on him!" No respect for the classics, that guy.
  • The kids are in school this week and the early returns are promising. Ben is attending middle school and he is excited by the pace of events, the changing classes, having a locker, etc. Maria's new teacher is very young - pretty much fresh out of college, but he's enthusiastic. We're hopeful they'll have a good year.
  • The Vikings managed to avoid the blackout because the local television station that was to air the game bought out the final 1,200 tickets. I have a feeling they'll need to make this a budget item for the rest of the season, particularly if Tarvaris Jackson can't make the grade.

That's not bad - four bullets in five minutes. Just call me Roland the Headless Thomson Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Badgers? Packers? Vikings?

Good God, man, the BREWERS are in a pennant race.

Enough football already.

Mark said...

Actually, anonymous, the Brewers are in a pennant slog. 50/50 chance that the winner of Comedy Central might have a losing record, I'd say. Good news is that Brew Crew seems to have staunched the bleeding a bit, while the Cubs are not playing well and we now find out that Rick Ankiel is an HGH guy.

I'll get to the Brewers eventually, but color me skeptical. 25 years of complete ineptitude will do that to a fella. Besides which, ace Brewers skeptic Ben is here looking over my shoulder and he wouldn't want me to say anything good about Ned's Nabobs of Negativism anyway.