Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New toy

I've got a new toy/to keep my head expanding
A new toy/nothing too demanding

So sang Lene Lovich way back in 1981, in sort of a new wave-ish, chanteusey sort of way. But I know how she felt, because I have a new toy myself - a new computer. We've been going back and forth about it for nearly two years now, and with our current financial situation it's perhaps not the most propitious time to make a new investment, but having the new computer will make it much easier for me to pursue things (like my seemingly interminable job search) from home, since my old computer was really old. I mean, really old. I swear the thing had vacuum tubes and said Univac on it. You know, the type of computer that was featured in the Jetsons. And I can finally allow the hamster that powered the old one to have a few weeks off.

So these words are posted courtesy of my new toy - a Toshiba Satellite laptop. My old computer had an absurd 32MB of RAM; this bad boy has 2048MB. My old computer had a whopping 1GB hard drive; this one has 200. And so on, and so on. I also no longer get my internet through the Pony Express; instead the cable boys have turned on the old internet superhighway fire hose. And my son is hungrily circling the computer even as I attempt to type this - with the high speed internet connection, he can now access all manner of brain rot much faster than before.

I do have a new free-lance writing gig for the end of the month, which will run up close to Christmas. So things are getting better. After the year we've had here in 2007, we take our victories where we can find them.


Anonymous said...

Did you also get rid of the rotary telephone at the same time? How about the 8 track tape player & turntable? Congratulations on entering a new era.

Mark said...

Who said anything about a rotary telephone? Party line, baby!

And I'm hanging on to my butter churn, too, darn it!