Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Bay Area Edition

As it turns out, the remaining teams on the Dilettante radar are both playing Bay Area teams this week. So what will happen?

Packers 34, Raiduhs 13. I haven't heard if ol' number 4 is going to play or not. But I'd be shocked if he didn't. Don't doubt that Aaron Rodgers could beat the Raiders, though. Or newly re-acquired Craig Nall. Or probably even former Packer great Jim Del Gaizo. At one time the Raiders had a team full of stars. These days, their best player is probably Huggy Bear's kid. No worries this week.

ACTUAL RESULT: GREEN BAY PACKAHS 38, RAIDUHS 7. Last time the Raiders lost a game this badly? When Favre carved them up in Oakland the day after his father died in 2003. Too bad the Lions couldn't have helped out, but as we all know, you can't count on the Lions for anything.

Purple Helmeted Steroid Warriors 31, San Francisco Homeless People 17. I still think the Purple is headed for a stumble, but based on the available evidence it's hard to see how it could happen this week. The 49ers are surprisingly wretched this year and what looked like a challenging game earlier in the year should be pretty easy for the locals. But let's give a shout out to Ray Edwards, busted 4 games for steroid use. Edwards went to Purdue, which is primarily an engineering school. Must have taken that "Better Living Through Chemistry" course.

ACTUAL RESULT: PURPLE HAZE 27, PELOSI NATION 7. Too bad Alan Page retired 30 years ago; he could have gotten an interception like all the other Viking D-lineman, too. I think the Chilly Death Watch is officially over, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Brad Childress is the answer! I had thought Allen Iverson was the Answer, but clearly things have changed. At this point anything can happen in the NFC, so if the Vikings keep winning they can make the playoffs and play the number 3 seed on the road, and then Dallas in Dallas. What a prize!

As for the Packers, Aaron Rogers hurt himself shaving, or in some other way and cannot play this week. The new iron man (get used to Vikings, because if he keeps playing after this year, Jim Marshall's record is next) will play and the guess here is that he'll play well. At least Craig Nall should be a step up from Viking reject Todd Baumann. Thank God someone had already picked up Vincenzo.

Mike said...

Not only is the Chilly Death Watch over, he is about two wins away from being the next Bud Grant, if the bipolar Vikings fanbase swings like we know they can. Tavaris Jackson will be better than Favre in his prime, Adrian Peterson will be better than Walter Payton ever was, and Sidney Rice will be better than Randy Moss was when he was here....until they lose a couple of games.