Saturday, December 08, 2007

Somewhere in the wilds of Fitchburg...

Mills is smiling. MU 81, Bucky 76. But us Beloit College grads wish to thank the University of Wisconsin-Madison for providing us with our new basketball coach, former Badger great Brian Vraney. I can only assume that Duany Duany was otherwise engaged.


Anonymous said...

The difference in the UW-Marquette Game is the experience of the players. Last year UW had the advantage in experienece and they beat Marquette in Milwaukee. This year Marquette returned almost everyone and it showed. Clearly Marquette is a pretty good team.

UW should not hang their heads in shame. They played well, and will undoubtedly get better as the year goes on. If Marquette is the 11 best team in the country, Wisconsin isn't that far behind.

Mills may be smiling, but it is time to remind everyone that he didn't go to Marquette, he graduated from UW Oshkosh, who incidentally also won a big game this past week. This author should know about Oshkosh, as I received my MBA from there. Go Titan!

Mark said...

Didn't realize that you are only limited to rooting for schools you've attended; I hope that rule isn't true, as my beloved Bucs are off to a terrible start under young Vraney, having lost by 50 to Platteville and even having lost to MSOE, which should never happen.

And I can vouch for my man Mills, who has been an MU fan from way back. I remember talking with Mills about whether or not Jim Chones should go pro, for goodness sake, and that was, what, 1971?

But congrats on that UW-O MBA! And go Titans - may be spirit of Gordy Skaagestad animate your every move!

Anonymous said...

I did attend UW-Oshkosh and am happy to see the Titans off to a terrific start.

I attended last night's game at the Kohl Center and walked out of that place with a huge smile. Beating UW in the Kohl and being on hand to watch it ... that opportunity doesn't come along every year, folks.

Marquette is more athletic, quicker and did a better job of getting the ball inside.

Brian Butch played exceptionally well, but was not in the game the final three minutes. That was a bit puzzling as was allowing Greg Stiemsma to throw errant passes to the wing from the top of the key. As a 6-11 post player, I believe Stiemsma would be better served down on the blocks.

But, hey, I'm not complaining. :)