Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Come Back Stalin Colinet, All Is Forgiven Edition

This week this particular series is feeling more like a court docket than a tote board. The ongoing saga involving the Williams Wall is now going from the local courts to the federal courts and a hearing will take place tomorrow. Since the Vikings are slated to play the gigantic, soothing bowl of chicken soup that is the Detroit Lions this week, it probably doesn't matter what happens in the courtroom tomorrow. Meanwhile, unfortunately named former Viking great Stalin Colinet waits patiently by his phone.

Florida Gators 34, Alabama Crimson Tide 17. Alabama is #1 right now, but no one outside of Tuscaloosa really thinks they are better than Florida. But I think we can all agree on this much -- the SEC is getting pretty insufferable.
ACTUAL RESULT: FLORIDA 31, ALABAMA 20. The Gators look like a very tough team to beat. . . .

Oklahoma Sooners 48, Missouri Tigers 27. The rules in the Big XII say that the North champion has to play the South champion, so Missouri is in the game even though they probably would have finished no better than 4th in the South. The Sooners get the nod for this game even though they lost to Texas. This is the result of the BCS computer rankings, which are chock to the brim with FAIL. The Longhorns will take out their frustration on someone else (perhaps Ohio State) later on.
ACTUAL RESULT: BOOMER SOONER 62, MIZZOU 21. But so does Oklahoma. Sorry, Night Writer.

Boston College Eagles 31, Virginia Tech Hokies 26. One of these teams will get in the BCS. Why, I don't know. Let's throw Stalin Colinet another bone and pick his alma mater.
ACTUAL RESULT: VT 30, BC 12. A nice win for the team with the ugliest uniform colors (maroon and burnt orange?) in sports.

Green Bay Packers 34, Houston Texans 21. It's been a disappointing season in Green Bay and there's a post or two (or three) in that, but suffice it to say that the Packers should have enough talent and motivation to beat the enigmatic Texans.
ACTUAL RESULT: TEXANS 24, PACKERS 21. See last week.

Purple Helmeted Love Warriors 24, Motor City Kitties 7. While I enjoy making fun of the Lions as much as the next guy, the situation in Detroit is pretty grim all the way around these days. In fact, outside of East Lansing this might be the grimmest football fall in state of Michigan evah. About the only interesting part of this matchup is that Daunte Culpepper is at the helm.
ACTUAL RESULT: VIKINGS 20, LIONS 16. Good news for the Lions -- they get a trip to Lambeau, where the home team never wins lately.


Gino said...

i think the lions will win one this year.
i hope its this one. :)

Mark Heuring said...

Really, Gino? I wouldn't have guessed.... :)

Night Writer said...

Hey, don't go hatin' on my Mizzou Tigers!

Mark Heuring said...

No hatin' on the Tiger, NW. The Big XII is a tough neighborhood, though. You should get your Tigers into the Big 10 where they could get a few gimmes.