Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Louise Lasser Edition

Louise Lasser? Sure, why not. First person to figure out why and leave a comment in the comments section wins a fabulous prize, or at minimum a hearty congratulations. Since we're running out of games to pick, I'm including some hot D-II and D-III action this week.

UW Whitewater Warhawks 37, Mary Hardin-Baylor Crusaders 24. Doncha think with a school name like Mary Hardin-Baylor, the team's nickname ought to be Cougars? Just sayin'. Let's give the alma mater of my boss a little love this week. Whitewater is a perennial D-III power anyway.
ACTUAL RESULT: WHITEWATER 39, MARY HARTMAN 13. Good for the Warhawks. Now it's a rematch against perennial power Mount Union.

UMD Bulldogs 41, Northwest Missouri State Bearcats 27. The Bulldogs aren't just for hockey anymore. UMD is raising the flag of the Northern Sun Conference quite high these days.
ACTUAL RESULT: UMD 21, NMSU 14. Congratulations to the Bulldogs on remarkable season.

Green Bay Packers 21, Jacksonville Jagwires 17. I know, no reason to believe this will happen. But it's still my blog.
ACTUAL RESULT: JAGS 20, PACKING IT IN 16. What do you call a team that can't get its defense off the field when it matters? 5-9. Memo to Tradedown Ted: you're looking for defensive linemen next year, right? Right?

Arizona Cardinals 34, Purple Helmeted Love Warriors 24. Somehow we have to hope that there are no more Visante Shiancoe sightings. The Cardinals are actually very good at home and I expect that Darren Sharper will be pretty tired after chasing around Larry Fitzgerald and Anquin Boldin all day.
ACTUAL RESULT: VIKES 35, CARDS 14. In which Tarvaris Jackson does his best Joe Montana imitation, something we've not seen before. Good for him. And with team MVP U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson on the case, the Vikes look like a dangerous team all of a sudden.


Anonymous said...

Mary Hartman ... MARY (FRICKIN) HARTMAN.

Brad Carlson said...

I would do an end zone happy dance over the Vikings and Packers results but I predicted the same outcome as you did.

Mark, what happened to that vaunted Pack defense? Does Nick Barnett make that big a difference?

Mark Heuring said...


You should still do your end zone dance. Good for the Vikings. My guys can't win now so it may as well be yours instead.

As for the Packers, losing Barnett was tough, but the real problem is along the line. They let Corey Williams and KGB go and then Cullen Jenkins went down. Last year they were 8 deep on the line and essentially could put fresh guys out there on every series. Now they can't and other teams are wearing them down. They've been losing games late in this tailspin because the defense can't get off the field.