Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fearless Dilettante Football Predictions - Prestigious EagleBank Bowl Edition

So, do you think there are too many bowl games? Let's put it this way -- the University of Iowa Hawkeyes managed to edge the Gophers 55-0 about a month back and the Gophers were rewarded with a bowl game. I have been scanning the bowl roster to see when Capella University takes on Herzing College, but I have it on good authority that the game will take place someplace near the Crystal Airport. And why shouldn't these two schools play? Everyone else is. And to honor the bowl season, we'll include in our picks the first game of the bowl season, the legendary Eagle Bank Bowl. And be warned -- if you click on that link and you have the sound up on your computer, it will sound like electronic goose farts. But we have D-III action first.

UW-Whitewater Warhawks 31, Mount Union Purple Raiders 19. Whitewater defends its D-III title against perennial powerhouse Mount Union. I'm from Wisconsin. Who do you think I'm going to pick? And since my current boss and my old high school buddy (and former XHS cross-country great) Pat Van Dyke are both Whitewater alums, ya gotta go with the Warhawks.

Navy Midshipmen 27, Wake Forest Demon Deacons 22. This is the matchup in the EagleBank Bowl. Ooh, that's an attractive game, huh? I'm going to pick the Middies because I like USNA grad John McCain better than Wake Forest alum Billy Packer in an epic battle of imperious bald dudes.

Green Bay Packers 37, Chicago Bears 3. That was the score the last time these two teams played. Nothing has changed since then, right? I'll await Gino's gloating.

Atlanta Falcons 31, Purple Helmeted Love Warriors 24. Since everyone is now on the T-Jack bandwagon, I'm of course going to be a contrarian. Here's a hint, Vikings fans: Atlanta needs this game more than the Vikings do. And without Pat Williams, Michael Turner is going to have a big day.

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Anonymous said...

Woooo Hoooo go Herzing College!!!! I say they win by a landslide.