Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guilty Pleasures Part Thirty-Five -- Cowbell! UPDATE: EVEN MORE COWBELL!

UPDATE: You want cowbell? Well, yeah, who doesn't? Here's a really good list with a whole buncha cowbell. Fellas — I'm tellin' ya.

Christopher Walken was right, of course. We need more cowbell.

So let's pick this time from several songs that make notable use of the cowbell.

Low Rider -- War

Stone Free -- Jimi Hendrix

Honky Tonk Woman -- Rolling Stones

Mississippi Queen -- Mountain

And of course:

Don't Fear the Reaper -- Blue Oyster Cult


Night Writer said...

What, no Grand Funk Railroad and "We're an American Band!"?

Also, I think there had to be some cowbell somewhere in the soundtrack to "Heidi."

Mark Heuring said...

Historically I've tried to keep Mr. Dilettante a Grand Funk Railroad-free zone, but you make a valid point, NW.

You never know where the cowbell turns up – I was listening to some music just now and heard the song "Consequences," from the Robert Cray Band. Cowbell aplenty there, too!

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Two comments made.
No votes cast.

Mississippi Queen.
Now there is an excellent riff.

Gino said...

casting a vote for war.
they do cowbell the right way.

kingdavid said...

One of the greatest party tunes of all time---Low Rider.

Grab your bottle of Blatz and a spoon, crank up Low Rider, and let the symphony begin.