Monday, June 07, 2010

Back on the air

Blogger was down most of today. Regular posting will begin anon. Two things on my mind right now, very briefly:

  • The college sports realignment seems to be picking up steam, especially since it appears that the Pac-10 has invited half of the Big XII to join. It sounds like the linchpin of the whole thing is Nebraska. Nebraska? Yeah, Nebraska.
  • Helen Thomas's career is ending in shame. Can't say it bothers me, since she's been shameful for rather a long time, as Tony Snow pointed out all those years ago. Remember -- just because something (or someone) is considered an institution, it doesn't follow that said institution is an honorable one.


J. Peterson said...

Nebraska is a huge part of how this may all end up happening, but it still has so much to do with Notre Dame.

Gino said...

helen thomas was an institution when she was being stupid toward bush.

now that obama is president, she's a burden.

gee, who knew?

Mike said...

Not surprised at all by Helen Thomas. I think James Taranto has it right when he calls her "American journalism's crazy old aunt in the attic."

Mr. D said...


Yeah, the Big Ten still can't past their Notre Dame obsession. I wish they would, though.




Yep. Although Tony Snow's put down, where he thanked her for presenting the Hezbollah view, was still the best.

Anonymous said...

Archie Bunker was also an institution. What's a little bigotry among friends? Helen Thomas can now go off quitely in to the night and join Jimmy the Greek, Tom Brookshire, and my personal favorite Marsh Shapiro in the TV/Radio Personality Announcer Suicide Hall of Fame.

Notre Who?