Monday, June 21, 2010

Bork Me Amadeus

Why Washington is the way it is, Chapter MDCCCLXXXIV,

Prospective Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, 1997:

I loved what happened in the Bork hearings. I wrote a review of Stephen Carter’s book recently where I said, "no, he has it all wrong. The Bork hearings were great, the Bork hearings were educational. The Bork hearings were the best thing that ever happened to Constitutional Democracy."

Robert Bork, having been "educated," offers Elena Kagan a chance to learn all about it, 2010:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Failed conservative Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork is joining anti-abortion activists to publicly oppose confirming Elena Kagan as a justice.

Bork plans to detail his criticisms of Kagan during a Wednesday news conference organized by Americans United for Life. The group calls itself the country's first national pro-life organization, and brands Kagan a pro-abortion activist.

On the bright side, attempting to Bork a fan of Borking should be fascinating, if nothing else. Kinda like the way a nine-car pileup on the Interstate is fascinating.


W.B. Picklesworth said...

The process has become vile, but as a direct result of liberals making it so. They should be made to reap the consequences of their destruction of the old system.

Gino said...

pipedreaming again?

the GOP doesnt bork. i've called for such in the past. you seen me do it.

her character must be destroyed to the point that chuck schumer would be embarassed to support her.

that is 'Borking'.
the GOP wont do it.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

Alas, yes. By and large Republicans are weak-kneed and pitiful creatures. If Democrats were for administering lethal doses of arsenic to those they didn't care for, Republicans would no doubt argue to halve the dose. (Not all of them, but it's pretty irritating how many of them are weak.)

Bike Bubba said...

Yes, the GOP doesn't "BORK"--meaning to unfairly denigrate a person's record. I am hoping, however, that Ms. Kagan's support of "borking," as well as her comparison of the NRA with the KKK, gets center stage during the confirmation hearings.

Gino said...

i want her Borked.
we are in a war for the constitution here. only the left has fought it as it is.