Monday, June 07, 2010

Hamilton, Joe, Frank & Reynolds would like you to know they are available

I know they're sad down in Arizona to hear about this:

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced today that Daryl Hall and John Oates canceled their post-game concert at Chase Field that was to take place following the D-backs game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 2 because of their personal stance against Arizona's new immigration law.

On the bright side, Hall and Oates have a better gig lined up, as the opening act for the Starland Vocal Band at this venue. And I'll admit I was pleased to find out that Hall and Oates are actually still alive. Live the dream, fellas. Live the dream.


Margaret said...

Oh you must have missed Hall and Oates on the American Idol finale. Oates looks OK but Hall has had bad Plastic surgery or botox or something that makes his face look like an expressionless mask. Doesn't move much either. The whole effect is like a zombie version of his former self. Oates kept looking nervously at his partner as if he were afraid he'd fall over.

With the Starland vocal band? If they swapped out a few people, would anybody notice?

Anonymous said...

Nice posturing by Hall & Oates. Are you sure it's Daryl Hall & John Oates. I have it on good word that the group that is booked is Monty Hall & Tim Oates.

Mr. D said...

Monty Hall & Tim Oates

They were great together -- I remember well their reunion concert at the Pierce Park pavilion, especially their cover of the Van McCoy classic, "Do the Hussin."

Night Writer said...

I think they're touring right now to promote their new album, "Smell the Glove." I think the immigration law excuse is just to buy time while they audition a new drummer.

Night Writer said...

Btw, did they call up the Gov. Brewer and say, "I can't go for that, no can do"?