Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have a little custard

Joe Biden, man of the people, visits a Kopp's Frozen Custard stand in suburban Milwaukee. Hilarity ensues.

UPDATE: John Hinderaker doesn't find it very funny. And he's armed with bar graphs. Guess Slow Joe hit a nerve with this one. Here's the ordinarily mild-mannered attorney's summation:

A simple way to think about the Democratic Party is, you're the human being, they're the tapeworm. Yet they claim a weird sort of parasite's moral superiority over you: if you point out that they have their hand in your pocket, you're a "smartass." The Democratic Party needs to be torn, root and branch, from our public life.

On the bright side, Joe can count of the support of other well-informed Wisconsinites, including public officials.


Night Writer said...

Tomorrow's headline and story: Custard's Last Stand - Kopp's manager found to have expired license, under-estimated his quarterly taxes and down-loaded kiddie porn on his computer.

Gino said...


Anonymous said...

How about a little comment on the upcoming Satveer thing. Any insight or prognostication???

Mr. D said...

Any insight or prognostication???

I dunno, really. The issue for the DFL is that Barb Goodwin was never much of anything and she's pretty clearly a spent force now -- she looks tired. They'd love to cashier Satveer, but they may not be able to.

Right Hook said...

I'm guessing he keeps the endorsement as the 2/3 vote required to remove it is going to be tough to get.

Neither Chaudhary or Goodwin is very inspiring and, IMO, have won in the past mainly due to the magic three letters next to their name on the ballot (DFL) and no serious competition.

This time around there is serious competition and hopefully the race will be decided by the quality of the candidates and their ideas without as much attention paid to party labels. If this comes about Gina stands a very good chance.