Monday, June 14, 2010

Lightning Round - 061410

Fighting a week-long case of writer's block but there are things to discuss:
  • Mike Kaszuba moved the continuing saga of Satveer Chaudhary's ethical myopia forward again yesterday in this Star Tribune article. Chaudhary really has got to go and the replacement ought to be Gina Bauman, a genuine reformer, rather than the DFL placeholder who is now challenging Chaudhary in the primary.
  • Ann Althouse takes a long look at Sarah Palin's breasts and the boobs who obsess over them. Sorry, that was too easy.
  • A helpful explanation of what "bipartisanship" actually means, from noted partisan James Clyburn, D-SC.


my name is Amanda said...

You may respect her political opinions (I think), but I've never had the impression that Althouse is anything but a woman-hating hack. First she allies herself with straight men by talking about how it's great to talk about breasts (as if there is some torrent of protest for breast-related discussion?). Then she suggests anyone speculating about Palin's breasts are losers who can't get any access to real breasts (which leads one to consider whether she thinks female bloggers have breasts). Most disgusting, she juxtaposes "reasonably modest" Palin with a woman who was fired and is sueing for sexual harassment, as if to say "Look here bloggers, this is the screaming whore who deserves to be attacked!" Nevermind that there's a reasonably excellent chance that the offensive nipple was added with a computer, OR that she took the photo as a satire. (The link to that photo is loaded with horrific people talking about how they'd like "bang that chick" - you know, because objectification is how one can put a troublemaker like her back in her place.)

Anyway, I read tons of media on the Left (this was on HuffPo? I guess I can't say I read that regularly, but they run trash all the time, mixed in with decent stuff) and this is honestly the first I've heard about "Boobgate." I saw the picture of Palin, and it's absolutely ridiculous that anyone would think she'd had a breast augmentation based on that. Though if she actually had, it would only be interesting in terms of Palin's "Feminism," and it would only be up for discussion if she announced what would otherwise be a private decision about her body. (Though I don't think that means we can't discuss the discussion.)

Mr. D said...


You've given this way more thought than I did. But I appreciate it. Briefly,

1) I like Althouse because she's an interesting thinker. I don't always agree with her, but she's like Camille Paglia in that she's willing to throw stuff out there, like this post. My sister was a student of hers at Madison, too.

2) I hold no brief for louts who post idle boasts about what they'd do theoretically with any woman. If you have to boast, chances are you're not capable of delivering on said boast.

3) Sounds like you missed Boobgate for the same reason that I had never heard of Orly Taitz until Rich brought her to my attention -- it's impossible to monitor everything and sometimes the obsessions of the other side of the aisle don't comport with what you're interested in. As you know.

K-Rod said...

Amanda, why must everyone you disagree with be a racist or misogynist? That ad hominem shtick is old and stale.