Friday, June 25, 2010

Lightning Round - 062510

Seems like we get a thunderstorm every other day this summer. So that means lightning:
  • My guess is that, in the end, nothing that happens in the Rod Blagojevich trial will ultimately bite Barack Obama. There's little interest in pursuing the broader implications of What It All Means. Still, it's a useful window into the world from which the Leader of the Free World emerged. The Chicago Tribune offers a useful compendium of its coverage here.
  • It's always good news when we are able to resolve our views amicably, especially when we show proper deference to the judiciary.
  • I have to study the results of the NBA draft in further detail, but based on early reports it seems that the two teams I follow most closely, the Bucks and the Timberwolves, have taken different paths. The Bucks, oddly, seem to have selected Garry Shandling, while the Wolves have selected Syracuse forward Wesley Johnson, Marquette's Lazar Hayward and various people currently playing in the World Cup. As I said, I need to study this a little more closely.
  • You can click this link if you'd like. Really, I'm not going to stop you. Obviously not nearly as important as tapping your foot in a bathroom stall at the airport, anyway.


Gino said...

i would like to think that the babe who accuses me would use a pit bull or rotweiler comparison.
poodle? lol at Al.

Night Writer said...

I think the term "sex poodle" was used in the Steve Martin-Lilly Tomlin movie "All of Me" back in the 80s. It was in a scene with Martin and his real-life wife (at the time) Victoria Tennant when he called her "his little sex poodle". Or maybe it was "love monkey." Anyway, my wife and I had a few yuks over it.

I'm looking forward to Al's next PowerPoint on Global Smarming.