Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Two quick questions for the audience

1. Have you ever heard of Tom Horner?

2. If you have, what do you know about him?


Gino said...

1.the name sounds familiar.

Night Writer said...

He's a PR Flack. I use the term because part of my job involves a certain amount of flackery. I "know" of his name and his company, and was once head-hunted for a job there back in the day. Not surprising, then, that the "poll" is gaining so much media attention; it's basic PR blocking and tackling...especially if they spell your name correctly.

Brad Carlson said...

Any relation to Little Jack?

K-Rod said...


1. The name Tom Emmer sounds familiar!!!! (not Tom Horner, especially if you don't live in MN for cryin out loud!)

2. What NW said.

'lil Jack, ha ha, good one Brad.

Mr. D said...

I think you guys get my point. Well done, gentlemen.