Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Dog That Isn't Barking - II

As I mentioned yesterday, it remains passing strange that Matt Entenza and Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the two candidates who are trailing Mark Dayton in the DFL gubernatorial primary, are not doing much of anything to derail Dayton's campaign.

It's especially strange in the case of Matt Entenza, who has spent millions of dollars on ads and building a campaign infrastructure. Entenza is a wealthy man, but mostly because he was fortunate enough to marry Lois Quam, who has been a highly successful executive at places like United Healthcare, among others. She earned millions there, many of which Entenza has blown through in an effort that will likely fall short.

Why would Entenza have done this? And why would Quam have let him do this? I suspect the answer is here:

Founded in the spring of 2009 by Lois Quam, an internationally recognized visionary and leader on the emerging New Green Economy (NGE), and universal health care reform, Tysvar is an independent, privately held, Minnesota-based NGE, and health care reform incubator.

Our mission at Tysvar is:
• Bringing scale to the New Green Economy
• Universal health care reform

We are a strategic advisor and incubator of ideas, organizations and people working to facilitate and build the NGE to scale, which means our goal is contributing to a viable, profitable and socially responsible industry of sustainability, clean technology, and renewable energy sources.

Quam has had to temporarily give up control of this entity while her husband has campaigned for governor, but she is still quite prominently mentioned all over the website and maintains a blog there.

As a practical matter, Tysvar will profit handsomely if any DFLer becomes governor, because they all march in lockstep on these issues and would be likely to pursue policies that favor green initiatives. Tom Emmer would be far less amenable to such things, which is Bad for Business if your business is Tysvar.

If Entenza does go on to lose the primary, watch what happens at Tysvar very carefully.


Swiftee said...

This is very interesting stuff, Mr. D.

Somehow, I knew in my bones that Entenza had a profit motive hiding in the bushes somewhere; he's a real scumbag, isn't he?

But there are a couple of things that are not clear to me.

First, aren't you saying that Entenza is counting on losing the primary? He'd have to if he plans to enrich himself with tax money?

Second, I wonder how likely it is that any lefty with the power to do so would do anything to help Mr. Lois Quam.

I doubt they've forgotten the dirt digging private eye scandal and every moonbat knows they got their fortune from ripping sick people off.

Mr. D said...


I'm getting to that. More soon.