Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dude has an audience

I've managed to get to this point without actually watching an entire episode of a Glenn Beck show, although I've seen some excerpts here and there. Apparently he has an audience, though, based on the image of the crowd that gathered to hear him, Sarah Palin and a few other speakers yesterday.

When times are tough, people are looking for an answer and Beck appears to supply an answer for a lot of people. He spoke about things that we all think are important, especially the idea of honor. We're in an interesting place right now, because there doesn't seem to be much agreement about what constitutes honor and, for that matter, what is honorable behavior. I would like it very much if Beck's detractors would tell us what they believe honor is. It would be helpful to know that now.


my name is Amanda said...

I was an English major; I believe in the dictionary.

"Honesty, fairness, integrity in one's actions."

Beck, said himself (to Forbes mag last April) that Glenn Beck Inc is about "entertainment," that he "doesn't give a flying crap about the political process."

Those people at the rally are nothing but dollar signs to Beck. The last time I paid attention to his show, he was convincing a woman to be suspicious of her tax rebate, and to send it back, rather than purchase *medical supplies* for herself. He's a first-rate, mean-spirited, cynical, disingenuous pile of you know what. All of those people would be safer by taking their word definitions from the dictionary.

(Civil Rights protestors can be included in that photo of people at the rally.)

my name is Amanda said...

(Meaning: "Civil rights groups protesting the rally," not "those who would protest Civil Rights.")

Gino said...

amanda: all politics, and its subsequent offshoots(talk shows,etc) are entertainment.

even my blog.

Gino said...

mark: yes, there seems to be a lack of honor.

there always has been among the ruling/political/ financial classes.

honor was always among the lower classes. those who were less in competition with each other and more likely to collaborate to get through hard times.
the lack of power made honor a acceptable commodity.

people are now seeing things differently. my 401k took a big hit. my pension, that i vested 20yrs in, has been cut 40%... all a result of the powerful gaming the system and the markets.
those who did the theft got bailouts.

the common man is getting the shaft. and it matters not which party is in power because in reality, they are just two competing gangs, with the rest of us as pawns.

we are seeing the world for what it is, is all.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin? Wow, we thougth it was a free concert featuring the artist Beck, and former Jefferson Starship Leadman Marty Balin (Beck & Balin). Never mind....

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck = Rachel Maddow. One and the same.