Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Blame Tom Emmer

You can always tell it's summertime when we see reruns:

Brett Favre's wavering nature makes it impossible to call anything official -- even when it seems to be that way -- but NFL sources said the quarterback began informing Vikings personnel late Monday night that he has decided to retire for a third time.
Now go away, or I shall taunt you again a second time.


Swiftee said...

I know I'll take some heat for this, Mr. D, but that's how I roll.

...Brett who? And who cares?

Gino said...

childress cares.
and nthe bears care, because they may now have a shot at second place.

Benster said...

It's high time Benidict Brent makes a choice and sticks by it. He has held the Vikings and Packers organizations waiting ever since Sherman left Green Bay. He has impacted Aaron Rodgers, T-Jack and Sage Rosenfels. He has betrayed fans trust TWICE IN A ROW! Brett, you should have made your mind up before the start of traing camp. Brett Farve, you should be at training camp, becauser all players are at training camp,even if you think it's below you. ALL PLAYERS OWE IT TO THIER ORGANIZATION TO START GETTING IN SHAPE. Also, by doing this you are setting a bad example for kids, saying that you don't have to do certian things and you can push your bosses around. Then you pull the not texting to your coach about a choice that might cost him his job stunt.Brett, make your mind up and stick to it. YOU BETRAYED THE TEAM THAT LED YOU TO GREATNESS THEN YOU COMPARE A PLAYOFF TEAM TO A SUPER BOWL WINNER UNFAVORABLY. Brett, we've had enough of these shenangins. You should be fined and suspended for these actions, but the NFL wants publicty. Brett Farve, you are becoming someone who can't be trusted and can't meet a deadline. You helped my team and I thank you for it. But since 06 you have bitten the hand that feeds you. If I were Zygi, I would say if you don't come to Mankato on the 1st day of camp unless you have a legit reason, you will be benched for the season, because you don't deserve 15 million dollars and can't live up to contract that T-Jack can. So choose your path carefully.

Gino said...

yesm but you are not zygi.
and he is brent favre. he can do wht he wants.
or not.

Anonymous said...

The rumors, torture for fans, and unending narcism have reached a peak. What's going to happen? In the end, I'll bet Ellen does leave American Idol...Wait we're talking about Brett Farve, and football. That's very different, NEVER MIND!