Monday, August 02, 2010

Lightning Round - 080210

The rumble in the distance can only mean one thing.
  • The Star Tribune's Minnesota Poll came out yesterday and I'm actually surprised that Tom Emmer didn't come up with a polling number of about 4%, considering the millions that Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza and the rest of the exceptionally well-heeled DFL operatives have spent on demonizing him. The primary will be over in 8 days and there will be a short respite on the attacks. Emmer will go to the State Fair and start meeting people. Let's not worry too much about the polling right now.
  • It's been astonishing to see how much money Entenza has been willing to spend on this campaign. Paul Demko at Politics in Minnesota provides some details. I remain certain that Entenza will start attacking Dayton soon -- you don't spend over $4 million of your personal fortune (well, his wife's personal fortune) to finish second, or third, in the primary.
  • Okay, it's juvenile to mention this, but I am amused by what Luke Hellier at MDE happened to catch in last night's debate among the DFL luminaries. I guess mining is an important issue in the race and this was some sort of secret coded language that Mark Dayton used to show his solidarity with Iron Range voters.
  • I also see that the Strib will be making an endorsement in the SD50 race this week. It would be a shock if they don't endorse Barb Goodwin over Satveer Chaudhary. I would simply remind all voters in SD50 that if you want reform, you don't simply switch out another candidate from the same party. If you want to see things change for the better, you need to vote for Gina Bauman.


Right Hook said...

Congrats. You called it!

You also got it right for the general. Gina Bauman is the only candidate in the race who advocates small government, sane environmental policies, and fiscal responsibility.

As for Goodwin, an ethical socialist is still a socialist. In fact, she could potentially do more damage than Chaudhary as her legislation may cover a wider scope of things to screw up than that of Mr. Outdoors.

Goodwin's clean image would probably make her a stonger candidate from a DFL perspective, but don't count the Chaudster out. He is politically ruthless and has been known to play nasty. One doesn't retain office with comfortable victory margins for 14 years while at the same time doing virtually nothing for his constituents without knowing how to play political hardball.

Night Writer said...

Fwiw, just did an overnight trip to Duluth with a run up past Two Harbors to the Split Rock lighthouse. In Duluth, saw several Entenza and MAK lawn signs, but no Dayton (and LOT of signs for judicial races). Between Duluth and Two Harbors I saw my first three Emmer signs.