Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doctored Evidence

Both Gateway Pundit and Ann Althouse are reporting that a group of doctors have set up a booth near the Wisconsin state capitol building and are writing doctor's notes excusing protestors from work. Big Government has video.

I would hope that both the doctors and the public employees involved would understand that they are both defrauding the state government if they submit those notes. I would also assume that J. B. Van Hollen knows it, too.

I would have a lot of admiration for these public employees if they have the courage of their convictions sufficient enough to risk discipline from their employers for taking a stand. If an employee attempts to add fraud to their growing list of transgressions, to hell with them. And as for the doctors, I would imagine that professional sanction would be in order as well should those notes get turned in.

It's Saturday now. The notes presumably would not be turned in until Monday. Sunday is always a good day to examine one's conscience. I'd strongly recommend that anyone involved in this effort does that.


CousinDan 54915 said...

Wouldn't that be theft?

Anonymous said...

I believe the word is fraud. Any doctor writing these notes and any teacher who would actually submit them should both be subject to legal penalties, including suspension of medical licenes. The end justifies the means when you are a liberal. For Conservatives not so much.

Gino said...

in my union shop, people have been fired without recourse for using falsified doctor's notes.
zero tolerance, and if there is any smidge of suspicion, they check up on it.

i have a feeling it wont work that way for govt employees, though.

Bike Bubba said...

Fire those using notes from those doctors, and end the right of those doctors to practice medicine. Fraud is fraud.