Friday, December 09, 2011

Albert's Bridge

Just a quick observation:

Albert Pujols is leaving the St. Louis Cardinals to play for the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and will get $254 over 10 years for doing so.

For the privilege of playing in Anaheim, he will pay, at minimum, a state income tax rate of 10.3%. Had he stayed in Missouri, he'd have paid somewhat less, 6%. Had he gone to Miami, he'd have paid no state income tax.

It's hardly surprising that so many athletes want to play in Miami these days.


Gino said...

my understanding of tax regs... he will pay taxes on income earned within the state its earned. usually, this is broken down game by game...
this knowledge also becomes part of the negotiating contract process.

(this is also why many entertainers prefer venues located on indian reservations.)

either way, gov jerry brown is smilng this week.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Albert is a closet liberal and wanted to pay more of his "fair share" like Buffet wants all the 1% to do. Albert the Patriot! \