Friday, December 23, 2011

In It to Win It

As you might recall, this feature nominated its stellar young blogger Fearless Maria to be Mayor of the MOB. Due to either (a) a mixup in our nominating paperwork, (b) an utterly arbitrary ruling by SOSFL Learned Foot or (c) both, Fearless Maria's nomination was rejected and instead I, Mr. D, find that I am the standard-bearer for our enterprise in this election.

That's fine -- as Foot rightly surmised, my plan was to have FM be the smiling face that hides various nefarious plots that others on the blog roster might undertake. As it turns out, my opponents include:

  • My friend and mentor, the estimable Night Writer;
  • The always-engaging, and heavily armed, Kevin Ecker
  • A young blogger and activist named Ben, who is decidedly not the Benster; 
  • The mysterious and obscure proprietor of the Red Squirrel Report; and 
  • Bobo the Talking Chimp
Now, I'm of two minds about this. First, if I'm in this thing, I intend to win. However, I'd prefer not to savage Night Writer because he is a wonderful fellow who deserves praise, nor Kevie Ecker, who is, as I mentioned, heavily armed. But you have to do what you have to do, so game on. If I win, I'll buy you boys a drink at the next MOB party.

The key to winning is to answer the various questions SOSFL Foot poses. The first question is posed here. And remember, the purposes of this election are twofold:  first, for entertainment only, since the position of MOB Mayor is entirely ceremonial; and more importantly, to drive as much traffic as possible to the Kool-Aid Report, Foot's charming and occasionally scatalogical site. So be sure to visit often -- Foot likes it when his Sitemeter resembles a winning slot at Mystic Lake. And remember -- support Mr. D for Mayor.


Anonymous said...

I missed out on the video of the young ne'er do wells, but you were pretty cruel with them without crossing the line into actual sadism. NW, on the other hand, probably didn't even notice the line as he sped on by.

-Anonymous and afraid

Mr. D said...

I try not to use actual sadism, as a general rule. Cruelty is a specialty of the house, however.