Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Common

We still don't know who detonated the bombs in Boston that killed at least 3 people and injured many more yesterday. It takes a particularly callous sort of calculation to strike at an event of this sort. For nearly everyone who runs in the Boston Marathon, doing so represents a singular, individual achievement, although one that takes place in the company of thousands of others who have sought the same goal. It also represents for many people a high point in their lives. To place a bomb near the finish line and to blow up those who are there to show support for the runners is about as nihilistic an endeavor as one could imagine.

Yet we watch the video and we see people coming to the aid of those who were killed or maimed. We see fear, yes, but we also see resolve. We are reminded that most people, when faced with the unspeakable, will respond in a way that affirms humanity. No matter what else we learn about this incident, or what else we experience, the instinct to help others runs strong and deep. And while it might provide little immediate solace to the families and friends of those who were hurt or killed yesterday, there is comfort in knowing that the hand of friendship is extended far more often than the fist of rage.

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