Sunday, June 05, 2016

A polite suggestion to Tom Horner

This will be brief.

In 2010, Tom Horner, who packaged himself as a sensible Republican, ran against the Republican Party as a third-party candidate in the gubernatorial election. Horner took about 12% of the vote. One can argue that Horner's candidacy may have hurt both parties, but he certainly hurt the campaign of Tom Emmer, who was the Republican running for governor. As you might remember, Mark Dayton became governor.

As such, Tom Horner lost any credibility as an expert on the Republican Party. Today, he's in the Star Tribune explaining why the Republicans ought to tank the election this time to save the party.

I am #NeverTrump and as such I consider myself to be estranged from the Republican Party. I am not going to offer any advice to the party or its leaders concerning Trump. It's a matter of conscience to me that I am currently estranged. Those who remain in the party will have to sort all that out themselves.

Tom Horner took up arms against the party and was instrumental in helping to put a blithering idiot into the governor's office. He has long since forfeited any right to be seen as a credible arbiter on any matter involving the Republican Party.

My polite suggestion to Tom Horner? Have the decency to stop pretending you have any credibility in this, or any other matter. You made your choice six years ago. Your advice means nothing. Sit down and shut up.


Margaret said...

So his endorsing Jeff Johnson in the '14 cycle (speaking and fundraising for him) doesn't mean anything?

Mr. D said...

I don't recall that endorsement making a bit of difference. It certainly doesn't offset the damage he did in 2010. YMMV.