Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Game time

Richard Fernandez on the news media:
The argument, stripped of its self-congratulatory paragraphs, suggests they've reached the point when they're going to tell the "truth" about Trump -- in a departure from their usual practice.
But what's really going on?
The greatest fear of the liberal left is reaching the end of the road, waking up from the dream, and realizing that pounding on the door is the 300 lb. landlord looking for his rent. As Tyler O'Neil puts it, 2016 is really a referendum on eight years of Hope and Change. Obama has spent nearly a decade prepping the top hat upon the stage and now they want him to pull the rabbit out of it, like he said he would.

A lot of people, including Sally Fields, are waiting, waiting, waiting ...

Thus, every criticism starts to gnaw at the Left. Trump is offensive to them not because he is a clown, but because he is the clown they deserve. They now have to share the stage with him.
There's reason to believe the next recession has begun. It's the great fortune of our friends on the Left that the Republican primary electorate has elevated a clown to be its standard bearer. But if things turn, and they could turn quickly, it may not matter.

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