Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey Comey Comey Comey Comey Chameleon

We have the transcript of James Comey's prepared remarks for today's hearing. You can read it here -- it is a PDF.

I'm bored with this Comey. He's living in his own narrative, the heroic actor dealing with the uncouth ruffian. We get that. Official Washington is entirely convinced that the ruffian needs to go. We get that. I'm hopeful we won't see much of Comey after today. Unless he gives Official Washington what it wants, we won't.

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Bike Bubba said...

Comey shot his credibility last year with his non-investigation of clear crimes by Hilliary. Today, he shoots it even more by denying the FBI was in disarray, when it took his coworkers hours to refute his testimony regarding Weener's computer.

That said, each side is going to hear what it wants to hear, I guess.