Friday, June 30, 2017

Facelifts and pearl clutching

Oh, that Trump. As always, read from the bottom up:

Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door
I have it on good authority that Trump is worse than ever for writing these tweets. Presidents don't say these things, I'm told. Then again, John Adams would have done quite well on Twitter. Consider this less than 140 character putdown of Benjamin Franklin:
"His whole life has been one continued insult to good manners and to decency."
Or his summation on Alexander Hamilton, which might have required 2 tweets to complete:
"That bastard brat of a Scottish peddler! His ambition, his restlessness and all his grandiose schemes come, I'm convinced, from a superabundance of secretions, which he couldn't find enough whores to absorb!"
The difference, as far as I can tell, between Trump and his predecessors, is that he likes to do the dirty work himself. As a general rule, it's considered bad form to punch down, and yes, it would be better to ignore the likes of Mika Brzezinski, but Trump isn't going to do it.

Again, the salient point comes from the Ace of Spades:
A major schism in the party is over the question of how much pretense we're fighting to keep lying about. A lot of people seem to think that even though we're plainly in a Cold Civil War, and even thought Joe and Mika spend three hours a day ripping Trump, Trump's supposed to pretend we're all (as John McCain says) Good Friends.

I'm not saying Trump scored some tactical victory here. I'm saying, as I usually do- - who gives a wet shit?

How can the flailing old women of the Nominal Right huff themselves up so much to pretend outrage that a guy being attacked by the media everyday decides to occasionally attack them back?

I understand the leftist media's interest in pretending that they're behaving normally and haven't rewritten the professional code of conduct to allow attacks on Trump which would have been near-hanging-offenses on Obama.

But what is the interest of the sissified Nominal Right over defending the media and pretending along with them?
It's the question of the moment, really. Is there any compelling reason to assume that anyone in the MSM is playing it down the middle? John McCain and Mitt Romney always went all Marquess of Queensberry in their presidential ambitions. We know how that turned out.

All the basketball coaches in the Big Ten loved Steve Yoder when he coached the Wisconsin Badgers in the 1980s. They were fulsome in their praise of his coaching skills and the way he ran his program. Of course, they kicked his ass, but it was quite gentlemanly. When Bo Ryan took over the Badgers, he was not very well liked among his peers, but that was because he was beating his opponents.

If your objective is to be dignified and keep your conscience clear, then you can hang out with the pearl clutchers. At this point, my objective is to keep the Left from doing any further damage to this nation. We all have choices to make. Choose wisely.

Update: My good friend and blogging colleague Brad Carlson has a different take.


Gino said...

Welcome aboard, former nevertrumper. We are in a fight, not a debate. I been saying that for a time.

Bike Bubba said...

Strategy by Trump, the same way Obama played his birth certificate to divert attention from what he was doing. Yes, the MSM will go onto anything, yes, this was idiotic by Trump, except for the fact that newsmen are looking into everything but what is important. Trump sends out a nice summary of daily activities each day--I receive it--and as far as I can tell, it's not being read by the MSM.

Word to the wise. Yes, we are in a war.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

People keep saying that what Trump does is idiotic (at least in some instances.) I don't think we can presume that. The old paradigm is in the garbage. It makes no sense to judge him against it.

I do think we can say that Trump is coarse. This is undeniably true. But what is beautiful about his coarseness (and his lack of apology for it) is that it enables him to call the media and the Left what they are. Their behavior is despicable and has been for some time. Someone needed to call them on it and not back down. That has been the elephant in the room.

They are in a frenzy trying to direct people's attention elsewhere. But they are just proving Trump's point over and over. They would like to impute coarseness and nastiness to all of the Right because of Trump, but what is actually happening (I think/I hope) is that they are establishing in the public mind that THEY are coarse, and violent, and intolerant, and unstable, etc.... Trump has baited them into destroying their own advantages. He taunts them and they stab themselves for the audience. It reminds me of the priests of Baal on Mt. Carmel. It didn't end well for them.