Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Khuram Butt Boogie

Known wolf, fond of wearing an Arsenal shirt:
Sick jihadis Khuram Shazad Butt, 27 – also known as “Abz” – and Rachid Redouane, 30, along with a third accomplice were shot dead in Borough Market after mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge and launching a relentless stabbing attack.

Formal identification has not yet taken place, but cops believe they know the identities of the two men named today – both of whom are from Barking in East London.

Inquiries are still ongoing to confirm the identity of the third attacker.

Barking mad. But there's more:
Ex-KFC and London Tube worker Butt was quizzed by cops over his twisted views before he was gunned down along following the depraved assault on Saturday night.

The killer and his two accomplices murdered seven people after mowing down revellers in central London before going on a rampage wearing fake bomb vests and wielding hunting knives.

The Sun had earlier revealed that the Arsenal kit-wearing ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack posed with a jihadi flag on Channel 4 documentary The Jihadis Next Door, was thrown out of a mosque and tried to radicalise kids in his local park in the years before the devastating atrocity.
And, of course, there's this part of it:
Police today confirmed Butt was known to security services, including MI5.
And, there's this:
The extremist was thrown out of an East London mosque two years ago for ranting that voting in an election was “un-Islamic”.

One local said: “On Saturday he was asking one of our other neighbours where he could rent a van and how much it would cost.”

The wife of the killer, who was of Pakistani origin, had just given birth to their second child, neighbours in Barking revealed.

The couple are believed to have been living with his mum — enjoying a comfortable lifestyle boosted by state handouts.
You get what you subsidize. And mostly what you get is hopelessness. If your life doesn't consist of much other than temporary jobs and the dole, it's especially easy to search for a worldview that explains the world in terms you'd prefer, and that gives you a course of action to follow. Jihad has all of that. You get to be a martyr and you get to kill strangers. It's a real kick until the police show up.

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