Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dropping dimes in real time

I get up early in the morning so I have time to look at what's happening and write a blog post about it, if possible. As it happens, Donald Trump is simultaneously engaging in a Twitter storm in real time. As always, read 'em from the bottom up:

Naming names
So if you are reading this correctly, you see the Leader of the Free World dropping a dime on two of the most important officials in the Justice Department. So if you want a hot take, here ya go:

  • It's blindingly obvious Trump has had enough of Sessions and wants him out. It's a horrible idea to turn the Attorney General into an attack dog, but it's also been done in the past. Eric Holder, who was Barack Obama's AG, was always on the attack. Based on the available evidence, Sessions is either unable or unwilling to serve in this role.
  • It's not been widely reported, but it is a matter of public record that Andrew McCabe, who is still at the helm of the FBI, has a problem with his own financial disclosures. McCabe's wife, who ran for office in Virginia in 2015, received a total of $760,000 for her campaign from political action committees controlled by the Democrats, which Andrew McCabe did not initially disclose. To the extent that Hillary Clinton controlled the Democratic Party, Trump is correct.
  • Some executives send out memoranda. Trump seems to Tweet. Not how I would do things, but I'm not the Leader of the Free World.
And while I've been writing this, three more Trump Tweets appear:

Carrots, sticks, and a pen
Dang. I thought Trump told us McCain wasn't so good last year. That was then, this is now. Oops, one more!

Are you not entertained?
It may not be the way to run a government, but it's a hell of a show.


Gino said...

i think that maybe, the previous administration got hold of Sessions, and let him know what dirt they had on him and he'd be better off if he didnt cross a certain line... it's the only explanation i can think of as to why he turned into such a sissy.

I think the same with Trump, and why he left a meeting with the Clinton's saying " they are nice people, and i dont want to hurt them."

Mr. D said...

That’s plausible, Gino. I also suspect Trump now has enough dirt on his adversaries to turn the tables. I’ve seen a lot of chatter about something happening in a few days. This may all be kabuki.

Gino said...

i sincerely hope Trump and crew have learned how to use their powers to hurt their opposition in a real mean way... i'm getting tired of my side always getting it up the ass on stuff like that.

what chatter have you heard?

Bike Bubba said...

I sure hope it's kabuki, because if it's not, one of the main alternative hypotheses is that Trump is out to destroy prominent Republicans and the entire brand.

By the way, my apologies to the Mob for comparing them to the DC scene. Good freakin' grief.

Gino said...

the Republican brand was already destroyed, thats why Trump was able to take over the party... and many prominent Republicans should be destroyed along with it.

Mr. D said...

I have heard indictments are coming down on some Dem operatives, including Podesta. As I said, it could be kabuki.

Brad Carlson said...

...one of the main alternative hypotheses is that Trump is out to destroy prominent Republicans and the entire brand.

Trump is out to destroy whomever doesn't act in Trump's best interests, regardless of party.

His quote the other day: "It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President."

That moronic statement is not only laughable but also downright false. In the key Senate races in FL, OH, WI, PA and AZ, the GOP senate candidate outperformed Trump in all of those states.