Friday, July 21, 2017

Just a thought

If I were Trump, and I hasten to add I am glad I'm not, I'd do the following:

  • Pardon everyone potentially connected to the Russian thing
  • Pardon everyone potentially connected to Hillary Clinton's serial malfeasance
  • Tell Robert Mueller he can write his report any time he'd like, but the show is over
  • Tell everyone else to get back to work
The historians can sort it out.


Bike Bubba said...

Either that, or you make a case that Mueller is unconstitutionally on a fishing expedition and can him--and a portion for the justification of special prosecutors--with it.

I can't figure the President out. One would figure that a guy who made his fortune in Mob-infested Manhattan would have a feel for skullduggery and do better in DC than he's doing. Or possibly he's using this as cover? I remember being persuaded that Obama was using his scandals for this purpose, too.

Gino said...

I'm worried about things.

Mr. D said...

Trump’s never been in a scenario where he can’t fire people. That’s the problem. If you are in a bulletproof bureaucratic sinecure, and much of Washington is, Trump can’t hurt you. I’m pretty sure that’s why Trump hasn’t fired John Koskinen at the IRS, even though Koskinen is an outrageous goon. Koskinen can hurt Trump in a lot of ways if he chooses to, so Koskinen will get to retire comfortably even though by rights he ought to be living out his sunset years in a Supermax somewhere.

The one thing Trump can do is hurt Team Clinton via prosecution, but it’s become clear that Sessions doesn’t have the cojones to do what needs to be done. That’s why I’m saying pardon everyone. It takes the card off the table, but it also marks in the history books that the Clintons needed to be pardoned. It also sets up a scenario where Trump can say to America — enough of this crap. We have work to do. If you look at the polling numbers, most people outside of Washington don’t care about the inside-the-Beltway reindeer games, but they do care that we’re in stasis at the moment, and Trump will probably get the blame. So he needs to change the game.

Bike Bubba said...

Point well taken, but you can't fire the Mob, either. Unless he was amazingly sheltered for the time, he should have a grasp on how to handle this, as I'm 99.94% sure he's handled this kind of thing before.

And yes, I'm saying that DC bureaucrats have a lot in common with Cosa Nostra.