Friday, July 07, 2017

News You Can Use

Walter Russell Mead and company over at The American Enterprise are amused with the latest from the New York Times:
As part of its weekly essay series on the legacy of the Russian Revolution, the New York Times has earnestly broken the news to its readers that the American Communist Party wasn’t a principled and well-meaning organization but an anti-American espionage operation:
So did you know what the Times is reporting? See if you did:
The C.P.U.S.A. dutifully spread the lies put out by Moscow. The party thus insisted that the show trials during Stalin’s purges had uncovered a vast capitalist plot against the Soviet leader. Party members dutifully repeated Soviet fabrications that Trotsky had been in the pay of the Nazis. Worst of all, many Communists applauded the execution of tens of thousands of Soviet comrades, denouncing those who were executed as bourgeois spies and provocateurs.
Dang. Who knew? Well, anyone who was paying attention, or wasn't publishing Walter Duranty's lies. Mead wonders what the Times might tell us about in 25-50 years:
The Muslim Brotherhood hated Western ideas of freedom.
Iran was a committed enemy of the United States.
Cuban communists were anti-democratic thugs.
Abortion was an unspeakable tragedy that led to millions of unnecessary deaths.
Press bias and lack of self-awareness plus elite policy failures made the Trump presidency possible.
That's just half the list. The rest is at the link.

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