Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Public relations

Readers of this feature know that our valued contributor Benster is an Eagle Scout. His experience in Scouting was outstanding and, as a family, we are eternally grateful to the Boy Scouts of America for their program.

You may have heard about the Leader of the Free World stopping by the Boy Scout Jamboree earlier this week. He gave a long speech and it included, not surprisingly, more political stuff than one might expect at such a gathering. The scouts attending the Jamboree seemed to like the speech quite a lot, but plenty of people who weren't there didn't, and so we are now being told things like this:

Getting all Godwin up in here
These bien pensant musings are from Newsweek, which apparently is still in business. We know plenty about Le Grand Orange, but what remains most revealing about his presidency so far is how his critics have responded to his presidency. I can tell you this much -- there is far more hate in the hearts of these critics than you will find in the hearts of the Boy Scouts assembled in West Virginia.


Gino said...

i think its great that any president takes the time to recognise an organisation like the boy scouts.

i wish Trump hadnt made it a political thing, though.

Mr. D said...

I agree. He should not have made it political. Everything is political at the moment and it's wearing me down.