Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who wants a dope slap?

So many candidates, so little time.

  • John Kerry phones in the orders from Switzerland, then leads the troops up the hill for a filibuster of Samuel Alito. He looks back and sees that nearly half of his soldiers aren't marching. He should enjoy watching Justice Alito being seated at tonight's State of the Union address.
  • A website supporting Coleen Rowley's campaign for the 2nd Congressional district photoshops a picture of incumbent John Kline into a Col. Klink uniform, then pulls the image from the site after the initial reaction turns negative. Captured copies of the picture are all over the Internet. Doesn't matter what you do, folks - the internet is forever.
  • Longtime libertarian David Boaz pulls a bunch of statistics out of the ether (or potentially other nether regions) in today's Wall Street Journal, arguing that because 17 million Kerry voters did not think that the government should do more to solve the country's problems, while 28 million Bush voters support either gay marriage or civil unions, that there are somehow 45 million people who have "broadly libertarian attitudes." The Libertarian Party stands ready to capture this underserved group of gallant Americans, as soon as their next candidate can move out of his mother's basement.

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Luap said...

John Kerry needs to get another job (assuming he has one now as a state senator) or hobby or possibly both. To call in a filibuster from the ski slopes without realizing if he has the votes does not make any sense whatsoever. What was he thinking? Did his fellow MA Senator persuade him to do this? It sure made Mr. Kerry look really stupid. Oh, but wait, he should be used to that by now!