Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who's the best player in baseball today?

Want to start an argument? Ask people who is the best player in baseball today. You can make arguments for a lot of guys - Alex Rodriguez is in his prime; Johan Santana can be unstoppable; Ichiro Suzuki is clearly one of the great hitters in history. But I'll take Albert Pujols. At the age of 26, Pujols has averaged 40 homers and 125 RBI per season, with a lifetime batting average of .332. His overall statistics eerily mirror the early career of Joe DiMaggio. Add a self-effacing personality and a team-first attitude, and you have a player for the ages. His home run in the 2005 NLCS off Astros fireballer Brad Lidge was not enough to propel the Cardinals to the World Series, but was about as perfect an example of clutch hitting as you are likely to see.

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Execu-bot said...

In related news:
Albert Pujols is the only player you named that I haven't heard of.

Of course, I know it isn't about being famous; its about playing the game.