Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Joys of Homeownership

There was a famous character in the old Li'l Abner comic strip named Joe Bftsplk. Old Joe never had any luck and was generally portrayed as a fellow with his own personal rain cloud over his head. Lately I've been feeling a bit Bftsplk-esque, especially concerning the ol' manse. In the past two weeks we've had the air conditioning go out, a leaky toilet and now an electrical problem. We're living without the AC for now, but we had to write a big check for the toilet and now we're looking at an electical cost to be determined. As you might imagine, it's not an easy thing to deal with, given our current financial situation.

I'm trying to keep smiling, especially since I do have a few interviews in the next week and I have a good feeling about one of these opportunities, but it's getting tough and we are really tired of this. My health continues to improve, but the tests continue.


Ben Worley said...

Mr. D, I just said a prayer for you. Keep the faith, trust in your Lord and he will provide. In the meantime I hope we have a rainy spell with some lower temps.

Anonymous said...

What a lousy run of luck! Hopefully you are done for a while. They say these things come in threes, and it would appear you've had yours. Also, a cool Canadian high should mitigate the need for air conditioning for the next couple of days. Hang in there!!!!!