Monday, June 18, 2007


Whizzing by again....

  • Ben's Brewers lost on Sunday to the Mariners, 15-8. Typical game with a typical result; our kids were game but the other team simply had more talent and was able to make more plays as a result. Ben was 1-3 and chipped in with an outfield assist, throwing out a Mariner runner who was trying to stretch a single into a double. Ben almost gunned down another runner at 3rd base later on, but the slide dislodged the ball from the 3rd baseman. Ben and his crew get a rematch against the Mariners on Wednesday at 6:30 at Sitzer Park; following that it will be playoff time.
  • Maria was in the hospital today for a minor revision on previous surgeries for her cleft lip and palate. This one was designed to fix the air ports on her pharengyal flap. We had thought she might need to stay overnight for observation, but she came through it so fast and so well that Mrs. D will be bringing her home from Gillette Children's later today. We continue to be amazed at the facility of the medical organizations and the great skill of the health care industry here in the Twin Cities. If you need medical attention, it's great to be alive in 2007.
  • Was that a cattle stampede, or was that Prince Fielder? If you didn't see the spectacle of Prince Fielder romping through the Metrodome with an inside-the-park home run yesterday on Sports Center, and I'm not sure how you missed it because they pretty much had it running on a continuous loop, it was something to see. You don't usually see anyone that large moving that fast. The Twins ended up winning the game on a walk-off homer by Justin Morneau, but the sight of Our Prince rumbling across the turf was one of the most amusing things I've seen this season.
  • Budum the Harvest Sprite is apparently returning to Minnesota for a visit this week. Sorry to all those who don't catch this reference, but it's good news for all of us who miss his good nature and his uncanny resemblance to a lawn gnome.
  • Time for a periodic Mr. D contest: name your favorite obscure former Brewers and/or Twins players. The floor is open for nominations!


Anonymous said...

OK here we go. Favorite former Twins player ... none other than Bruce Look. (Who else?)

Favorite former Brewer player? Who else but Floyd Wicker. Remember how many Floyd Wicker's you'd get in a pack of 1971 Topps baseball cards from our favorite dime store, Unmuth's?

On another topic, list your favorite TV appearance by a professional athlete? Mine would go to Bart Starr on Gentle Ben.

mjh said...

Some Brewer faves: John Henry Johnson, Mark Clear, Jaime Cocanower, and Randy Ready

Some Twins faves: Mark Salas, Pete Filson, and Dave Engle.

Sorry, I am not as good at the former Twins players. By the time I really started paying attention, they won the World Series. Yeah, like we can poke much fun at Steve Lombardozzi.

Mark said...

Floyd Wicker's card was almost as prevalent as the Steve Zabel cards in the 1973 Topps football card series. But to be honest, I hadn't thought about Floyd Wicker since about 1971, so that's a real obscure one.

Bart Starr on Gentle Ben was really good. I'm also a fan of Elroy Hirsch on the Munsters; Don Drysdale on The Brady Bunch; and Roman Gabriel (as a headhunter!) on Gilligan's Island.

Anonymous said...

I think about Floyd Wicker every day, and I also see him everyday he is my dad. It is so good to see that there are other people out there that appreciate him!!!