Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogging with the Benmeister

So my son Ben is here with me this afternoon and he's going to help me out with this particular post. Since he hates my beloved Brewers, I'm going to censor him from commenting on that particular subject, but he may have something else to say - let's find out, shall we?

What's the matter with you? You let me guest blog, and now you're going to censor me? Well, I'm going to rip you in an attack ad right now, so bring it on, Dilettante! Actually, I'm not as hostile as I sound on the blog. After all of these violent words, I'm going to leave it to my associate here, who is going to tell you how glorious I really am. And don't forget to read my blog,, for all the latest rips.

Ben is actually a sweet kid, although he comes on like Jim Rome without the cheesy mustache sometimes. No one in our family has a cheesy mustache - we leave that sort of thing to certain California-based associates of ours.

Actually, Ben has a beef that we're currently investigating. Ben is the proud owner of a Game Boy Advance gadget and he has long been known as an inveterate gamester. He has eagerly purchased the three previous versions of EA Sports' Madden video game juggernaut. Unfortunately, it appears that Madden o8 is not going to be available in the Game Boy format. This is part of the usual planned obsolescence scam that is so prevalent in this industry - essentially, by no longer making new titles in the GBA format, kids (or more to the point parents) are forced to buy newer, more expensive systems (like the Nintendo DS, which is roughly double the price of the GBA and has the added feature of a flimsy stylus that is easy for children to lose and has about a $10 replacement cost). Ben is, not surprisingly, pretty p.o.'ed about this and he may consider launching some form of protest. I hope he succeeds - he shares the family loudmouth traits and he can be articulate, even when he's ripping my beloved Brewers. He'll have plenty to say about this in the coming days. And I just might, too.

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#@!%^&*%$#@! Brewers!